As Life Goes On:
Lessons One Doesn’t
Want to Have to Learn
Every challenge we face in life comes with an important lesson
About the
About the Book
      For Rosalie, it was during the time when she had to give up some aspects of her life to take care of her schizophrenic brother, Bob, that she encountered life lessons she didn’t want to have to learn. And she learned the hard way.
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Book Reviews

“Schizophrenia is a disease that not everyone may have a full understanding of. What Rosalie did was shed some light on how it actually is, especially from the point of view of a person who has interacted with someone that has been diagnosed with that disease. The story was enlightening and moving. I admire her strength amidst the trials that she and Bob had gone through.”

“It is never easy to have to give up a huge part of your life to act as a caregiver for a sick family member. What made this book special is that despite all the hardships, Rosalie was able to learn valuable life lessons even though she hadn’t intended to do so. Thank you, Rosalie, for sharing your story and for touching the hearts of your readers.”

“What a heartwarming story Rosalie has written in her book. I acquired a copy of this book because a family member of mine was diagnosed with a certain disease too. I wanted to understand how it is like to deal with someone with a serious medical condition. I wanted to prepare myself emotionally, mentally, and physically. I think this book helped me a lot. Not only in preparing myself for the worst, but also because of the important life lessons that it holds.”

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